Cardiac Rehabilitation

Regaining your life

Regaining a cardiac fitness level that's right for you is an ongoing process that requires time, commitment and expert medical supervision. 

The cardiac rehabilitation program at Los Alamitos Medical Center uses a patient-centered approach to help you get you back to a full and active lifestyle. 

The program is designed specifically for cardiac patients. We'll show you the right exercises, educate you and support you on the healthy changes you'll make. The focus is to: 

  • Limit the progression of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce your cardiac risk factors
  • Improve and maintain physical functioning 

The cardiac rehabilitation services are perfect for those with conditions including: 

  • Heart attack
  • Heart or heart/lung transplant
  • Coronary procedures (stents and angioplasty, for example)
  • Heart valve repair or replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Other cardiovascular conditions 

Get back to the active life you want. 

For more information about our cardiac rehabilitation services, please call (562) 799-3134.

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