Breast Health

Mammography and ultrasounds 

The latest in diagnostic techniques and treatments await you when you need the care of the breast health ​professionals at Los Alamitos Medical Center. We provide:

  • Mammography and ultrasounds in our Certified Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE)
  • A specialized team of surgeons, oncologists and nurses with a background in breast cancer management
  • Comfortable and comforting surroundings at our Total Care Pavilion outpatient facility

It is important for women to perform breast self-exams and to have mammograms yearly beginning at age 40. Discovering a lump in your breast doesn’t necessarily mean breast cancer. There are many benign conditions that can affect women. Early detection is important.

After a breast cancer diagnosis

Mammography and ultrasound services at Los Alamitos are located in the outpatient diagnostic center in the Total Care Pavilion, where you will receive ​knowledgeable care in an inviting environment. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, we have a team of experienced physicians, nurses and other specialists. Advanced oncology treatments, as well as lymphedema therapy, are available. 
The breast health information you want to know in classes, educational events and support groups created for you. 
Treating many of the most common breast diseases and conditions at Los Alamitos.
Advanced breast health screenings and testings are available for you. 
Creating your recovery plan with treatments and procedures tailored to you. 
Sharing the story of breast cancer recovery.