​Katherine Gerdis's Story

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Katherine Gerdis

Total Knee Replacement Patient, Los Alamitos Medical Center

 Mrs. Gerdis shares her story. 

“My name is Katherine Gerdis and I had knee replacement surgery at Los Alamitos Medical Center.

I had been having knee pain for years and I didn’t want to have knee surgery. I was very concerned about having knee surgery and I put it off for years and year and years. But I couldn’t keep up with my grandchildren and that’s the reason I finally decided to come in and have knee surgery. 

When I got in the hospital, my daughter was allowed to stay with me which made me feel very relaxed that I had an advocate with me in the hospital.  Before I had knee surgery, I wasn’t able to keep up with the grandchildren. I couldn’t go to the parks and play with them, I couldn’t go shopping. We would go to amusement parks and I couldn’t do some of the rides. I wasn’t able to go on some of the ships I wanted to explore with them. But now since I had the surgery, I’m able to go anywhere with them and keep up with them without even thinking about it.

It’s been such a joy to be able to do anything. I can walk and stand in line without knee pain. When I talk about getting my knee replaced, I tell people about the doctor that I used because I think he’s wonderful, I tell them about Los Alamitos Medical Center and I tell them that I had a very good experience there and I encourage them to go if it’s in their health plan. So if I had to come again, I’d go. When I have to use the ER, this is where I come.”

Mrs. Gerdis attended the pre-surgery class.  She became fast friends with another patient and they continue to visit each other.