Achieve relief from chronic pain

Knee, hip, and shoulder pain can be debilitating or can alter one’s quality of life.  Our compassionate team of health professionals can offer several options for people to consider when seeking relief and our program is designed to help get you on your way to an active lifestyle.

The orthopedic surgeons have tools and resources to fix joint ailments and our compassionate caregivers help you on the road to recovery. Some patients may need minor surgery to repair a damaged joint while others may need complete joint replacements. Your care and recovery plan will be customized just for you. 

Possible reasons for joint replacement may include:

  • Pain that has failed to respond to conservative therapy (medications, steroid injections, physical therapy, lifestyle and activity adjustments, rest).
  • Osteoarthritis or arthritis confirmed by X-ray
  • Inability to work, sleep, or move because of pain
  • Loose prosthesis
  • Joint fractures, tumors, or deformities

Orthopedic Destination Center

Los Alamitos Medical Center's new Orthopedic Destination Center was created for select orthopedic patients. It brings together a team of experienced and skilled surgeons with caring and specially-trained nurses, therapists, and technicians for a special Center focused on total knee and hip replacements.

Family members are encouraged to participate in group activities, meals and other special events. Exercise and therapy is provided in a group setting, so that patients can support and encourage each other. New friendships are made, enhancing the healing process.

Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for the Orthopedic Destination Center!

We want you to be comfortable with the services our hospital offers, with our staff, and to have realistic expectations about your post-operative care.  The new Destination Center approach started as an educational program to prepare surgery candidates prior to their procedures.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Expanded that education component and built out a new area just for knee and hip replacement
  • Patients includes private rooms with a recliner and a group therapy area and lunch room
  • Patients recover and rehab in their own clothes – not the traditional hospital ‘gown’

Through this program, you will learn that you play a key role in your surgery preparations and recovery process. You and your chosen health trainer (friend or family member coach) will work together throughout the experience. The staff at the Orthopedic Destination Center will teach you:

What needs to be done in the weeks ahead with our convenient Prior to your surgery
How to Prepare Your Home
What is required post-operatively for knee patients
What is required post-operatively for hip patients

The Center staff will work closely with your physicians and are a resource for questions and concerns. We are here to educate you on what to expect and what you can do to help in your own healing and rehabilitation process.  You will only be in the hospital a few days and will need to be ready to recover at home.

Post-Operative Care

An Orthopedic Destination Center staff member will visit you at your bedside soon after your surgery.  He or she will encourage you to start your physical rehabilitation (physical rehab) – some patients may start rehab on the same day of surgery. 

The Orthopedic Destination Center uses a fun horse racing theme. We praise patients for their “Triple Crown Commitment” and use a race track-themed ambulation board.  Patients may be able to walk in the hall as part of the rehab and then move a magnet race horse (with their room number) across the board as they “race” to the finish line to see who has walked the farthest.

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