Emergency care when you need it

We provide you with high-quality medical care in a fast-paced environment when an emergency strikes. You can expect:

  • A well-equipped emergency department prepared for heart and stroke care and other life-threatening sicknesses and injuries
  • Physicians and nurses specially trained in emergency medicine
  • A secondary emergency department opened during peak hours for your convenience

All patients in our Emergency Department are prioritized according to the severity of their illness or injury. For example, if someone has had a heart attack they most likely will be treated before someone who walks in with the flu. This is a common  practice and we appreciate your patience.

If you have a non-life-threatening condition, you can check-in online and wait at home for your appointment time.

Once your  treatment is through, we can provide physician information and sources for important follow-up care.

Check into the ER online for your non-life-threatening injury and spend less time in the waiting room waiting.