​Your Visit

Streamlining your visit

Our dedication to your care extends beyond medical treatment. We also want to make your visit to Los Alamitos Medical Center as easy and smooth as possible. Below you’ll find information to help you prepare for your hospitalization, including what to expect and ways to simplify the registration process.

If you have questions about your visit, please call us at (855) 840-3668.

Find what you need to find your way around Los Alamitos: addresses, phone numbers, hours, maps and directions.
Get a pre-visit checklist, answers to common questions and more.
See what you'll need to bring and what should remain at home for your visit to Los Alamitos Medical Center.
Stay informed about your rights while receiving care at Los Alamitos Medical Center.
Be prepared for any circumstance. Get questions to ask, and review Advanced Directives and DNR Directives documents.
Our staff members go beyond the call of duty to make sure you're comfortable and receive the best care. Here you can thank them.