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Medical Staff CME Program

The Medical Staff is proud to provide its members the opportunity to obtain Category I continuing medication education credits through its accredited CME program. A variety of topics are offered each Monday beginning at 12:15 p.m. Each topic is designed to improve your knowledge, skills and professional performance and to improve the quality of care provided for your patients, both in the hospital and private practice setting.

Medical Staff Key Contacts

Medical Staff Office (562) 799-3160
Health Information Services (562) 799-3219

Physician Relations Manager:
Sabrina Huq, (562) 799-3534
Marelise Robinson (562) 799-3226

Medical Staff Governance

Medical Staff Bylaws- 2016

General Rules

General Rules

Rules and Regulations Medicine
Rules and Regulations Pathology
Rules and Regulations OBGYN
Rules and Regulations Diagnostic Imaging
Rules and Regulations Emergency
Rules and Regulations Family Medicine
Rules and Regulations Orthopedics
Rules and Regulations Psychiatry
Rules and Regulations Surgery

Medical Staff Department Information

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