How You Can Help

Ways you can help your loved one

You can be an important piece in the recovery of your family member or friend, who may feel better due to your visits to them at Los Alamitos Medical Center.

Some simple ways to help your friend or family member

  • Plan your route and arrive early or on time.
  • Compile a checklist for the hospital stay. Ask your friend or loved one what is needed and offer to pack it.
  • Work with your friend or loved one to compile a list of approved visitors
  • Pack a few small personal items for decorating the hospital room, such as pictures or drawings from their children.
  • Get a discharge plan by asking:
    • Who will take your friend or loved one home after surgery
    • Who will help at home
    • Who will prepare meals and do chores
    • If your friend or loved one has children, what are their after-school schedules
  • Communicate with the medical care team
  • Prepare the house for the return home by doing things such as:
    • Filling prescriptions
    • Keeping track of medications and when to take them
    • Stocking the house with food and beverages

Your support and help can lift your friend or family member's spirits and help speed up recovery.