Emergency Department 

 Our physicians and nurses are highly skilled and specially trained in emergency medicine. They strive to provide caring and courteous treatment to our patients in a fast paced environment. During peak times, a secondary emergency department is opened to lessen wait times for you.

As with all busy Emergency Departments, patients are treated based on the severity of their illness - not on the order of arrival. All patients are 'triaged' upon arriving, whether they walk in or are brought in by an ambulance or paramedic. Triage means a patient's condition is assessed by our Emergency Room staff and they are prioritized according to the severity of their illness or injury. Patients with flu-like symptoms may experience a delay in treatment over those patients with more serious needs, such as those with heart attack symptoms or fractures. Your patience and consideration for other patients is appreciated.

We realize that a trip to the Emergency Department may be worrisome for friends and family members of the patient. We make every attempt to minimize delays while providing high quality medical care and to help you on the road to a quick recovery.