Hospital hopes to redevelop campus 








Los Alamitos Medical Center is a vital part of the local community.  The employees, visitors, physicians, and physician office staff all contribute to the local businesses and, in an emergency, it can be a comfort to know there is care right around the corner.

Providing high quality care in a safe and comfortable environment is important. Los Alamitos Medical Center (LAMC) would like to be medical facility with private rooms and ample, convenient parking.  Changes to the existing hospital campus can create a better healthcare facility.  A 25-year specific plan presented to city leaders by LAMC outlines the steps to building parking structures, patient care buildings with private rooms, expanded critical care and emergency departments, and a new medical office building.

The specific plan has a step-by-step design to transition from phase to phase. The medical office building (MOB) in phase one is necessary so that physician practices in an existing building can move into the new location. The old building would then be demolished to make room for a patient care building and road and parking access.

A comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was completed and is available via a link on the city’s web site. (Click on ‘what’s happening’ at the bottom of the city web site’s home page.

An improved medical campus would be good for the community, local businesses, and the employees of the hospital and local physician offices.  Please support the campus improvement project so that you and your family will have a safe, comfortable community hospital should you need medical care.